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This Is My Story

Have you ever felt …

Disconnected from your own life and Exhausted from repeating the same old tired life lessons over and over?

Yep. There was a time when I did too.

From an outside perspective, I had a great life – My best friend and husband all rolled into one, a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood, wonderful friends, and a good job where I was respected and well-liked.

Career driven, I focused almost all of my energy towards becoming a CPA and “making a living.”

I was being a “good” person doing what I thought I should do.

But I wasn’t truly ALIVE.

I had forgotten that I had a soul living inside this body. Not to mention a life purpose beyond paying my bills.

I had reached my heaviest weight as I numbed my feelings with food.

I felt disconnected from myself and unhappy with the betrayal of my body.

As I looked around and felt little-to-no appreciation for the abundance in my life, I realized the status quo no longer worked for me.

I had reached the BREAKING point. It was time for a change so I went to an intuitive hypnotherapist for help.

After I worked with her for a while, she said something out of the blue that completely turned my life around.

“You realize why you did this work with me, right?

She said it’s because your life purpose is to practice Reiki.

What this journey can awaken…

If you can…

Imagine feeling completely relaxed, at ease and energized… and Being 100% present to this precious life.

Imagine allowing yourself to feel…



Joy and Pleasure…

Without the “shoulds.”

You can.. and I want to support you to get there.

What I am called to offer to you is this:

I’m here to help you

Release your physical and energetic blocks,

Improve and increase your daily energy and

To remember what you came to planet Earth to do.

So that you can be fully engaged, energised and inspired in your life.

If that resonates I look forward to your connection.

With love, Rochelle.

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