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Congratulations! Here is the “Find YOUR Inner Compass to an Extraordinary Life” Breakthrough Session questionnaire! I look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire! If you have any questions, send me an email at

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1. Where are you struggling in your life right now? *

2. What would you say is the biggest issue or challenge you’re facing in your life? *

3. What has been the biggest block that's kept you from resolving this issue already? *

4. What is it costing you and what will it cost you in the future - money, confidence, self-esteem, peace of mind, relationships, health, lifestyle, impact, etc. - if you don't stop what you've been doing and start doing something different now? *

5. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being high, how important is it to you, how committed are you to resolving these issues once and for all? *

6. If we could obliterate your biggest obstacle, what would your life look like six months to a year from now? *

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All questions must be answered in full in order to qualify for a session. Someone will contact you to schedule your “Find YOUR Inner Compass to an Extraordinary Life” Breakthrough Session if you qualify.