Energy and Perception

By Diamond Lotus Reiki Spiritual Energy No Comments on Energy and Perception

When I took this picture, I had accidentally hit the camera button on my smartphone and noticed these beautiful light rays streaming across the image captured through the lens of the phone. I was amazed at the view. I looked with my own two eyes – nothing! I looked with the camera – moving rainbow rays of light!

The perception that my physical sense availed to me was limited. However, I could not deny what the camera was seeing. Just like life – our view may be limited by our five senses; however, there is certainly more going on. When we say that we have a “gut-feeling” or “need to listen to our hearts rather than our head”, we are acknowledging that part of us that “knows” beyond the logic of our five senses. We are tapped into the energy that surrounds us and is us. Have fun playing with this connection and see what little miracles show up for you!

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