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Being the best you can be is not about trying to be younger

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

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"Can I actually take my artform to another level at this stage of my life?"

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The SONIC EVOLUTION – Fire-starter course today


Rochelle Zanini - your guide

The Sonic Evolution videos and programs are taught by Rochelle Zanini.

Rochelle is the founder of Diamond Lotus Reiki and is the visionary creator of the ground-breaking Amplify retreats.

For over 20 years Rochelle has supported world leading artists including U2, Hailestorm, Pat Benatar, and others to support their vision, craft and longevity in the creative world.

Rochelle is a trained Reiki master, Human Design practitioner and Intuitive healer. 

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A Selection Of Clients That Rochelle Has Worked With

FIRESTARTER Introduction Course

THE PHOENIX Ignite Program

AMPLIFY Retreats that Rock