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Learn three steps to regaining your ENERGY, to RELEASE your pain and to find your LIGHT to move FORWARD again


Are you passionate yet exhausted by your life? Here’s why.


Learn 3 steps to help you find your inner light and shine brightly again


Discover how to release the blocks sabotaging your health, happiness & success

Finding the energy and spark you need is not about GETTING anything

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

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"What is really blocking my flow and my joy?"

"Can I actually regain the happiness, energy and life I once had ?"

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Rochelle Zanini - your guide

The Energetic Freedom mini-course and Diamond Lotus programs & services are taught and delivered by Rochelle Zanini.

Rochelle is the visionary creator and founder of Diamond Lotus Reiki.

For over 10 years Rochelle has supported creative communities, business leaders and families to become energetically healthy with non-invasive healing modalities.

Rochelle is a trained Reiki master, Human Design practitioner and Intuitive healer. 

You can learn more about Rochelle by clicking here

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