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Hello and Welcome to Diamond Lotus Reiki!

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Rochelle Zanini

Rochelle Zanini
Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki® Master

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I am so happy that you are here. Before you read any further, take a deep breath. I want you to feel at home, right now, wherever you are. Because that is real – this moment in time. Ahhhhh….

Diamond Lotus Reiki is a safe place for you to open your heart and receive the healing your spirit has been longing for – connecting the jewel of the consciousness to the seat of the heart.

Are you ready to…

  • Release stress and feel a deep sense of relaxation and well-being?
  • Experience a new set point of calm, centered peacefulness?
  • Enjoy a lighter, brighter perspective on your relationships – especially the one that you have with yourself!
  • Let go of fear and its gremlins and embrace unconditional love and its freedom?
  • Feel the power and joy of life where mind, body, and spirit are beautifully connected?

Yes? Let me invite you to discover your jewel in the lotus. Learn More »