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open_quoteThank you Rochelle, what a great practice! So restorative, relaxing, and resonant. The combination of Reiki and sound is powerful and inspiring. Namaste.”
– Jesse Carmichael, CA, Maroon 5 / 1863

open_quoteYou made such a difference in my life with Reiki. I would just say to anybody that is considering working with you to please do it. I would say start with Rochelle whatever you do. She is magnificent at what she does. I am way impressed with the results that I got and I cannot recommend you enough.”
– Eva Gregory, Emeryville, CA, Listen to Eva’s Full Testimonial »

open_quoteI have received Reiki on several occasions and have always enjoyed the process. Rochelle is a highly skilled Reiki practitioner with a calmness about her that is especially comforting. Lying on her table is like slipping into a warm bathtub – you just don’t ever want to get out.”
– Michelle Shapiro, Santa Barbara, CA, Ipso Facto Creative Group

open_quoteRochelle is an extremely gifted practitioner of her craft. I had never experienced Reiki before, but I left my first session feeling a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. I had been through months of intense stress, and I feel that Rochelle helped me to turn the corner on reclaiming my health and wellness. I have always been attracted to crystals and gem stones, so it was wonderful to have them included in my treatment. I was surprised that Reiki can be even more deeply calming than massage or other bodywork. I feel fantastic!… centered and alive!”
– Lisa Bryant Dubrow, Sedona, AZ – owner of AScentia – Bodywork for the Soul

open_quoteI know that even with my meditation practice and self-care rituals, I need to press the reset button. Stress is sneaky! and I can have it and pretend I don’t – LOL. By allowing my mind and body to experience complete peacefulness with Rochelle’s Reiki sessions, I stray less and less from the calm centered place I want to be. From this place life flows better. I’m happier. My relationships are more meaningful. I take better care of myself. I contribute more to the world.”
– Maria Schonder, Ventura, CA

open_quoteAfter our sessions I have a greater sence of wellbeing. My body feels grounded and my emotions calm and centered. The long-term impact of our sessions is that I live a life of connection in spirit mind and body. Words cannot describe the deep sense of wellbeing one feels after working with Rochelle. You just need to experience it for your self.”
– Rachil Willig, Santa Barbara, CA – Owner of Sage Center

open_quoteI think that an overall sense of serenity is my most consistent experience. Also, I enjoy your intuitive insights, which offer more clarity in my life. Internal peace makes every day more gratifying. I think reiki with you is a more productive alternative to traditional therapy, which, in my opinion, often serves to prolong suffering through repeated and protracted conversations.”
– Christine Kelley, Santa Barbara, CA

open_quoteI have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Rochelle. She is a kind, gifted healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone. When you leave her office, you feel a sense of peace and tranquility that changes your attitude in such a positive way. I highly recommend her!!!”
– Marie Sexton, Santa Barbara, CA