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There are Reiki Offerings and Classes – all designed to help you deepen your connection with body, mind, and soul. The goal – to empower you to create the change you desire!

You may be asking – what is Reiki?

The essence – connection with unconditional love and compassion – remembering that we are all connected. The specifics – universal life force energy (Rei – universal; ki – life force) that assists in healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – while transcending the perceived limitations of time and space.

Reiki Offerings:

Hummingbird Session

New to Reiki? New to Diamond Lotus Reiki? Embody the hummingbird and sample the sweet nectar of joy and peace through Reiki. The session is specifically tailored for you and your needs.

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Lotus Series

Open your heart and feel unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others. This series focuses on healing your heart, releasing past woundings, and removing blocks to moving forward – all with the focus of allowing you to love yourself first and foremost. Learning to love yourself is the foundation to truly being able to love others and to receive their love fully. Let the energy of Reiki surround you and bask you in LOVE.

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The Jewel in the Lotus Series

Still the body, quiet the mind, know your soul. This series focuses on healing your heart, tapping into the serenity of your quiet mind, and connecting with your soul on a very deep level. You will be amazed at the joy and peace in your life when you open your heart and listen to your soul communicating through the quieted mind. The alignment of your heart and mind allows the soul to burst forth in beautiful expression. Let the energy of Reiki surround you and create a safe cocoon to birth your soulful alignment.

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II

Have you been interested in learning Reiki? This class is for you! Come experience this comprehensive introduction to Reiki – its history, the symbols, and energy techniques. Upon successful completion, you will have a healing tool that will serve you in each and every facet of your life – personal, work, relationships, health.

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Usui/Holy Fire ART/Reiki Master

Whether you have been practicing Reiki for a few months or years, let this class deepen your Reiki connection. In this class, you will learn Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART) and Master level symbols plus connect with the newly available energies of Holy Fire and Holy Love. These new energies are incredibly powerful and healing – I’ve personally experienced a melting of fear-induced inertia and an ignition of inspiration to take major steps forward in aligning with my soul purpose.

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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master

As a Reiki master, you know the power and peace of Reiki and want to go even further. Perfect! Karuna Reiki® empowers you to connect with the frequencies of additional energies that heal deeply and quickly. In practicing Karuna Reiki®, I am always awed by the flood of unconditional love that I feel for my clients and myself. This is a most precious gift!

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Crystal Healing – Powerful Seven

Learn how to tap into the energy of crystals! In this class, you will receive a beautiful crystal kit of seven very powerful core crystals and learn how to clear, program, and connect with the energy of each crystal. Learn many ways to work with these seven crystals – including building a crystal grid!

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As you are reading this, it my sincere desire that you are intrigued and ready to see what may be the next soul-inspired adventure in your life. Do you have questions? Are you ready to connect? If so, then I invite you to value you who are and take the next step.

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