Appreciation – Powerful Stuff

By Diamond Lotus Reiki Spiritual Energy No Comments on Appreciation – Powerful Stuff

Appreciation – a word, a thought, a feeling, a vibration that is so very powerful!

You’ve probably heard the concept that our mind is not able to focus on two thoughts at one time. Yes – I hear you – I, too, have multi-tasked. However, if I am truthful – I am keenly aware of having to quickly switch my focus back and forth – my mind is not truly focused on more than one task at a time.

Here’s where I have found the power of appreciation – I am unable to focus on a “problem” of the moment while I am in the act of appreciation!

When I am in appreciation – I feel my body respond with a sensation of release of tension. I feel my heart center open. I feel my mind become more quiet and calm. I feel as though I am residing in a space of expansion. And from this space, I realize that most problems really aren’t or I tend to find some creative, inspired solutions.

Look around you – I bet there is a lot to appreciate. Go for it! Appreciate away!

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