Celebrating the Birth of My “Baby”!

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Wow – I am sooooooo happy to be sharing with you the arrival of DiamondLotusReiki.com!!! This website is truly a labor of love! I LOVE working with the energy of Reiki and sharing the experience! Now, the website makes this just a little bit easier.

As with many things in life, the website would not exist without the help of some incredibly talented, wonderfully gifted, very supportive people along the way. I am truly appreciative of the “midwives” who helped me with the “birthing” process.

I owe the look, feel, and function of the website to the creative talent and computer wizardry of Michelle Shapiro and Wil Thomas of Ipso Facto Creative Group. Thank you Michelle and Wil for bringing the vision to life!

Eva Gregory, my amazing spiritual entrepreneur coach, provided the perfect guidance and encouragement – allowing me to hone in on my message and convey it in an authentic, heartfelt way. Thank you Eva for encouraging me to show up and connect!

The photos are the creative brainchild of Rachel Sarah Thurston of Rachel Sarah Thurston Photography. Rachel completely changed my previously camera phobic attitude and fully brought out the fun factor. Thank you Rachel for capturing the essence and energy of Diamond Lotus Reiki in the imagery!

Last but not least, Kris Oster helped me find my voice. Through her inquiry and reflection, I discovered the threads of my personal language. Thank you Kris for creating the safety to write and be real!

Come see my “baby” and check out the website! I am so excited to share it with you!!!

Rochelle Zanini

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