Is This You?

When you stop taking chances
You’ll stay where you sit
You won’t live any longer
But it’ll feel like it

-“Summer Rain” U2

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
We had the chance but we were scared. We walked away. WE LIVED OUR LIVES IN FEAR!

-Strictly Ballroom

Why am I sharing these song lyrics and movie quotes with you?

Because they beautifully articulate how easy it is to live a life that ticks away the days but is void of real depth and meaning.

Have you been living a life based upon others’ expectations of you? You made choices that seemed practical at the time but didn’t really make your heart sing.

Are you facing some challenges that seem overwhelming? You are stressed and are feeling the effects in your body, in your mind, in your relationships, and in your work.

Are you tired of a monkey mind that can get in the spin cycle of negative self-talk? You don’t mean to but before you know it, you have spun a whole story of everything that has or will go wrong and what you lack.

Is there a difficult relationship in your life that you wish could change for the better? You are lamenting the lack of joy, peace, love, and connection in this relationship.

Are you feeling that you are stuck on the merry-go-round going nowhere and want to stop the cycle? You find yourself surprised on how another day, week, year has gone by and you are still waiting to “begin” your life.

Have you been a bit fearful to really consider, let alone claim, your heart’s desires? You have a secret life in your daydreams that keeps knocking on the door waiting for you to answer.

Are you hearing the spiritual siren call but unsure how to answer? You have been disillusioned by your previous experiences of what you thought was a spiritual connection.

Are you ready to find the joy in life?

Are you ready to experience a shift – on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual?

What if you could tap into a place of peace and hear your inner spirit talking to you?
What if you could remember your essence as a soul?
What if life could be filled with joy no matter the outward appearances?
What if being the love that you would desire to give and to receive were possible?

If these questions make you say YES!!!, you are who I am talking to and someone I can help.

Are you my ideal client? Is this you?

You are open to the idea that everything is energy – You know that we are much more than our physical bodies. You feel or sense that our physical bodies are beautiful houses for our energetic selves and we are all connected.

You are committed to receiving, giving, and being love – You understand that love really is all that we need. Truly embodying that tends to be a bit of challenge is this physical world but, man, you would really like to be that shining example of real, unconditional love.

You are ready to take a bold step to change your life – You have a lived a certain way that you realize no longer serves you. You know that there is something better and you are ready to get out of the insanity of doing the same thing over and over.

You realize that making an investment in yourself is the best investment to make – You know that taking the time to take care of yourself is paramount. When you are well, then you can share the best of you with those in your life – WOW! Just imagine the joy!! Not only for them, but for the positive impact it has on you! Your health, relationships, self-confidence, work, peace of mind, joy and spiritual connection.

If this is you, then I invite you to value who you are and take the next step.

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