My Approach

What makes me different?


Although I know firsthand the amazing power of energy work such as Reiki, crystals, and sound healing, I wouldn’t describe myself as a particularly woo-woo person.

I have many years under my belt of working in the business world as a CPA and accountant. I understand that being grounded while reaching for the stars is important. My goal is to support you in living a life that you love – here, on planet Earth, not in the ethers.

You are unique!

I know that your path is unique and what works for you does not necessarily work for someone else. By tapping into the Reiki energy and my own intuitive guidance, I gain insight as to how I may best serve you. I am able to pull from my extensive experience with Reiki and other energetic tools to support you in your transformation.

Support, support, support!

In addition to our time together in sessions, I offer you tools and techniques that you can use anytime you desire. That way, you can rely upon yourself when the rubber hits the road and I am not available to help you right then and there.

Helping you gain confidence with Reiki!

When you take a class with me, you will have plenty of support in applying what you learn. After class is complete, I offer follow up emails with energetic practices to help you become more familiar and comfortable with Reiki. My desire is to have you embrace the beauty of Reiki and gain confidence in using this energy in your daily life. My teaching philosophy is embodied in this quote:

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” –Pablo Picasso

In the trenches with you!

I am sharing what I am doing for myself. Every technique and tool that I teach or offer is something that I have successfully used for myself. My desire to learn and grow keeps me committed to taking classes, seminars, etc. to keep me fresh and up-to-date on what is occurring in the fields of Reiki, crystals, and sound healing.

If my approach resonates with you, then I invite you to value you who are and take the next step.

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