Need a New Perspective?

By Diamond Lotus Reiki Spiritual Energy No Comments on Need a New Perspective?

Does the insanity of repeating the same behavior over and over while hoping for or expecting different results have you clamoring for a change? I’ve learned from personal experience that when I am tripping down that well-worn path of certain behavior and thoughts, it can take a deliberate commitment to act or think in a way that is different from the norm to create a preferred shift. Maybe even looking at the world upside down – literally!

I have come to think of the mind as a grassy meadow that has a whole series of trails – some very well worn with a wide path that is very easy to barrel on down – whether we want to or not. Other paths have just been trod on once or twice and barely appear to be a trail at all. And others still are somewhere in between – becoming more visible but not entirely habit. While the well-worn path may seem to be the easiest to take because it is highly visible and easy to traverse – it is not always the best.

Ready to make a shift? Get out of automatic mode and take the time to stop, take a breath, connect on a deeper level, and ask if the old, familiar behavior is in alignment with your higher self and all that you desire. If not, think of the desired result and embrace thoughts that bring you down that new path. Have fun blazing a new trail and watching the old one begin to disappear! Happy awareness and exploration!

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